Sang-heon Lee

  Seoul E-Land


Date of birth
19 August, 1999 (21 years)
Place of birth
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  -   Round of 16 - Korean FA Cup 2019
  -   Fourth Round - Korean FA Cup 2019


Korean FA Cup Korean FA Cup

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Seoul E-Land FC Youth   Seoul E-Land FC Youth Seoul E-Land   Seoul E-Land


Hyeong-keun Kim Hyeong-keun Kim Goalkeeper
Jeong-in Mun Jeong-in Mun Goalkeeper
41 Dong-hyeon Seo Dong-hyeon Seo Goalkeeper
21 Ji-hyeon Ahn Ji-hyeon Ahn Goalkeeper
25 Jeong-muk Kang Jeong-muk Kang Goalkeeper
Shi-yeong Lee Shi-yeong Lee Defence - Right-Back
27 Do-yun Kim Do-yun Kim Defence
5 Ji-ho Ahn Ji-ho Ahn Defence - Centre-Back
Tae-hyeon Kim Tae-hyeon Kim Defence - Centre-Back
Jin-hwan Kim Jin-hwan Kim Defence - Centre-Back
29 Ivan Herceg Ivan Herceg Defence - Centre-Back
19 Han-sol Choi Han-sol Choi Defence - Centre-Back
Su-an Kim Su-an Kim Defence - Centre-Back
Seong-hyeon Kim Seong-hyeon Kim Defence - Centre-Back
Dong-kwon Kim Dong-kwon Kim Defence - Centre-Back
Sang-min Lee Sang-min Lee Defence - Centre-Back
Min-kyu Kim Min-kyu Kim Defence - Centre-Back
93 Ki-seong Jeon Ki-seong Jeon Defence - Left-Back
2 Gyeong-ju Seo Gyeong-ju Seo Defence - Left-Back
21 Seong-yeol Yun Seong-yeol Yun Defence - Left-Back
33 Jae-hun Lee Jae-hun Lee Defence - Left-Back
3 Seong-uh Park Seong-uh Park Defence - Left-Back
Jae-hun Choi Jae-hun Choi Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Yun-ho Jang Yun-ho Jang Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Jae-hyeon Ko Jae-hyeon Ko Midfield - Right Midfield
32 Jun-yeong Ko Jun-yeong Ko Midfield - Right Midfield
7 Do-seong Lee Do-seong Lee Midfield - Central Midfield
14 Min-kyun Kim Min-kyun Kim Midfield - Central Midfield
22 Sang-ho Yun Sang-ho Yun Midfield - Central Midfield
66 Chang-uk Kim Chang-uk Kim Midfield - Central Midfield
16 Ji-ryun Han Ji-ryun Han Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Lazar Arsic Lazar Arsic Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Seong-uk Kwak Seong-uk Kwak Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Sang-yun Mun Sang-yun Mun Midfield - Attacking Midfield
32 Dong-hyeok Ahn Dong-hyeok Ahn Midfield - Left Midfield
11 Kwang-uk Shim Kwang-uk Shim Midfield - Left Midfield
11 Seok-hun Jeon Seok-hun Jeon Striker - Right Wing
16 Chan-ho Jo Chan-ho Jo Striker - Right Wing
28 Min-kyu Lee Min-kyu Lee Striker - Right Wing
Jae-min Seo Jae-min Seo Striker - Left Wing
29 Min-seo Kim Min-seo Kim Striker - Left Wing
10 Róbson Róbson Striker - Left Wing
70 Leandro Ribeiro Leandro Ribeiro Striker - Left Wing
9 Daniel Lovinho Daniel Lovinho Striker - Secondary Striker
99 Sang-heon Lee Sang-heon Lee Striker
88 Kun-hee Lee Kun-hee Lee Striker
18 Ki-jong Won Ki-jong Won Striker - Centre-Forward
13 Jeong-wan Yu Jeong-wan Yu Striker - Centre-Forward
Seok-yong Son Seok-yong Son Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Dong-seob Kim Dong-seob Kim Striker - Centre-Forward
30 Alex Alex Striker - Centre-Forward
17 Yong-tae Jo Yong-tae Jo Striker - Centre-Forward
Richard Sukuta-Pasu Richard Sukuta-Pasu Striker - Centre-Forward
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