Won-kyu Lee



Date of birth
10 May, 1996 (24 years)
Place of birth
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Hannam Univ.   Hannam Univ. Suwon_   Suwon_


Shi-hwan Lee Shi-hwan Lee Goalkeeper
Hyeon Yu Hyeon Yu Goalkeeper
31 Mun-su Choi Mun-su Choi Goalkeeper
Dae-han Park Dae-han Park Goalkeeper
1 Hyeong-sun Park Hyeong-sun Park Goalkeeper
33 Seon-il Chae Seon-il Chae Defence - Right-Back
Ji-hun Lee Ji-hun Lee Defence - Right-Back
2 Ji-no Yu Ji-no Yu Defence - Right-Back
Jong-hwan Choi Jong-hwan Choi Defence - Right-Back
27 Sung-hyun Kim Sung-hyun Kim Defence
24 Won-kyu Lee Won-kyu Lee Defence
24 Shin-myeong Kang Shin-myeong Kang Defence
Kyu-baek Choi Kyu-baek Choi Defence - Centre-Back
20 Yu-min Jo Yu-min Jo Defence - Centre-Back
55 Jun-yeong Jang Jun-yeong Jang Defence - Centre-Back
26 Han-saem Lee Han-saem Lee Defence - Centre-Back
30 Ju-yeob Kim Ju-yeob Kim Defence - Left-Back
19 Chan-yang Uh Chan-yang Uh Defence - Left-Back
27 Jun-ho Lee Jun-ho Lee Defence - Left-Back
6 Min-je Kim Min-je Kim Defence - Left-Back
77 Sang-beom Jo Sang-beom Jo Defence - Left-Back
Jae-yong Jeong Jae-yong Jeong Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Geon-ung Kim Geon-ung Kim Midfield - Defensive Midfield
17 Cheol-ho Kim Cheol-ho Kim Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Seon-ho Jeong Seon-ho Jeong Midfield - Defensive Midfield
19 Myeong-hun Choi Myeong-hun Choi Midfield - Right Midfield
29 Chang-moo Lee Chang-moo Lee Midfield
26 In-eon Yeo In-eon Yeo Midfield
13 Seong-jae Jang Seong-jae Jang Midfield - Central Midfield
Jae-heon Kim Jae-heon Kim Midfield - Central Midfield
Marlone Marlone Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Jeong-uh Han Jeong-uh Han Midfield - Attacking Midfield
21 Byeong-kwon Hwang Byeong-kwon Hwang Midfield - Attacking Midfield
17 Eun-san Ahn Eun-san Ahn Midfield - Left Midfield
Min-kyu Park Min-kyu Park Midfield - Left Midfield
77 Do-hyung Kim Do-hyung Kim Striker - Right Wing
22 Su-yeong Song Su-yeong Song Striker - Right Wing
16 Ju-ahn Yu Ju-ahn Yu Striker - Right Wing
Danilo Alves Danilo Alves Striker - Right Wing
34 Myeong-won Jeong Myeong-won Jeong Striker - Right Wing
Masatoshi Ishida Masatoshi Ishida Striker - Secondary Striker
67 Seung-min Eom Seung-min Eom Striker
23 Dong-chan Kim Dong-chan Kim Striker - Centre-Forward
22 Hyeok-jin Kwon Hyeok-jin Kwon Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Byong-jun An Byong-jun An Striker - Centre-Forward
Lars Veldwijk Lars Veldwijk Striker - Centre-Forward
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