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Adam Lennon

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  -   Round 3 - First Division 2020
  -   Round 2 - First Division 2020


First Division First Division

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2019/20 Athlone Town FC   Athlone Town FC (U20) Athlone Town FC   Athlone Town FC


1 Michael Fogarty Michael Fogarty Goalkeeper
1 Darcy Lawless Darcy Lawless Goalkeeper
Aaron Myles Aaron Myles Goalkeeper
16 Garmondeh Ta-Uway Garmondeh Ta-Uway Goalkeeper
Dery Hernandez Dery Hernandez Defence - Right-Back
Ronan Asgari Ronan Asgari Defence - Right-Back
8 Aaron Brilly Aaron Brilly Defence - Right-Back
5 Scott Delaney Scott Delaney Defence
13 Craig Shortt Craig Shortt Defence
Gavin Kearney Gavin Kearney Defence - Centre-Back
27 Ciaran Grogan Ciaran Grogan Defence - Centre-Back
Owen Folan Owen Folan Defence - Centre-Back
4 Dan O'Donovan Dan O'Donovan Defence - Centre-Back
6 Bashmil Nyakambili Bashmil Nyakambili Defence - Centre-Back
14 Paddy Kelly Paddy Kelly Defence - Centre-Back
5 Ger Smyth Ger Smyth Defence - Centre-Back
5 Victor Ekanem Victor Ekanem Defence - Centre-Back
22 Nathan Doyle Nathan Doyle Defence - Centre-Back
27 Jamie Broderick Jamie Broderick Defence - Centre-Back
26 Oisin O'Reilly Oisin O'Reilly Defence - Centre-Back
21 Shane Dunne Shane Dunne Defence - Centre-Back
Cormac Raftery Cormac Raftery Defence - Centre-Back
David Brookes David Brookes Defence - Centre-Back
Robert Maloney Robert Maloney Defence - Left-Back
Abudulai Issaka Abudulai Issaka Defence - Left-Back
4 Ross Kenny Ross Kenny Defence - Left-Back
Joel Coustrain Joel Coustrain Midfield - Right Midfield
21 Kyle Hogan Kyle Hogan Midfield - Right Midfield
Emeka Onwubiko Emeka Onwubiko Midfield - Right Midfield
Joseph Moloney Joseph Moloney Midfield
15 Joe Carmody Joe Carmody Midfield
Chris Reid Chris Reid Midfield
15 Darren Kavanagh Darren Kavanagh Midfield
12 Nika Kalandarishvili Nika Kalandarishvili Midfield
Ian Dempsey Ian Dempsey Midfield
12 Oliver Hamzat Oliver Hamzat Midfield
12 Adam Lennon Adam Lennon Midfield
6 Harry Cornally Harry Cornally Midfield
Roy King Roy King Midfield
Andy Nevin Andy Nevin Midfield - Central Midfield
Ciaran Burns Ciaran Burns Midfield - Central Midfield
15 Robert Spelman Robert Spelman Midfield - Central Midfield
29 Christan Lotefa Christan Lotefa Midfield - Central Midfield
23 Cian Byrne Cian Byrne Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Stephen Grogan Stephen Grogan Midfield - Central Midfield
24 Oisin Duffy Oisin Duffy Midfield - Central Midfield
Sean McGrane Sean McGrane Midfield - Central Midfield
Dragos Sfrijan Dragos Sfrijan Midfield - Central Midfield
14 Joshua Keane Quinlivan Joshua Keane Quinlivan Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Peter Walsh Peter Walsh Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Jason Lyons Jason Lyons Midfield - Attacking Midfield
13 Craig Canty Craig Canty Midfield - Left Midfield
14 Ian Fletcher Ian Fletcher Midfield - Left Midfield
11 Shane Stokes Shane Stokes Midfield - Left Midfield
16 Ryan Gaffey Ryan Gaffey Midfield - Left Midfield
23 Tzee Mustapha Tzee Mustapha Midfield - Left Midfield
11 Kaleem Simon Kaleem Simon Striker - Left Wing
Etanda N'Kololo Etanda N'Kololo Striker - Left Wing
7 Josh Hogan Josh Hogan Striker
Jason Molloy Jason Molloy Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Dean George Dean George Striker - Centre-Forward
17 Rory McCullough Rory McCullough Striker - Centre-Forward
14 Eoghan Morgan Eoghan Morgan Striker - Centre-Forward
25 Evan Pierce Evan Pierce Striker - Centre-Forward
22 Aaron Williams Aaron Williams Striker - Centre-Forward
9 George Mukete George Mukete Striker - Centre-Forward
Claudio Silva Claudio Silva Striker - Centre-Forward
Aidan Byrne Aidan Byrne Striker - Centre-Forward
Joseph Offorjama Joseph Offorjama Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Enda Curran Enda Curran Striker - Centre-Forward
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