Elvin Aliev


Алиев Эльвин Моххубат-оглы

Date of birth
26 June, 2000 (20 years)
Place of birth
Midfield - Left Midfield
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2017/18 Naftan Novopolotsk II   Naftan Novopolotsk II Naftan   Naftan
2016/17 Naftan   Naftan (U19) Naftan Novopolotsk II   Naftan Novopolotsk II


1 Aleksey Ageev Aleksey Ageev Goalkeeper
1 Evgeni Gremza Evgeni Gremza Goalkeeper
35 Andrey Sakovich Andrey Sakovich Goalkeeper
16 Dmitri Zhuk Dmitri Zhuk Defence - Right-Back
Aleksandr Frantsev Aleksandr Frantsev Defence
9 Uwan Yuike Uwan Yuike Defence
50 Yuri Ryzhko Yuri Ryzhko Defence - Centre-Back
29 Aleksandr Krasiy Aleksandr Krasiy Defence - Centre-Back
20 Abdulaziz Laval Abdulaziz Laval Midfield - Defensive Midfield
5 Dmitri Borisov Dmitri Borisov Midfield - Defensive Midfield
27 Anton Tereshchenko Anton Tereshchenko Midfield - Defensive Midfield
23 Dmitri Tamelo Dmitri Tamelo Midfield - Defensive Midfield
9 Azam Radzhabov Azam Radzhabov Midfield - Right Midfield
13 Aleksandr Yuditskiy Aleksandr Yuditskiy Midfield
27 Denis Golenko Denis Golenko Midfield
14 Aleksey Gudov Aleksey Gudov Midfield - Central Midfield
6 Andrey Shtygel Andrey Shtygel Midfield - Central Midfield
89 Mikhail Khodunov Mikhail Khodunov Midfield - Attacking Midfield
17 Aleksey Suchkov Aleksey Suchkov Midfield - Left Midfield
21 Aleksey Belevich Aleksey Belevich Midfield - Left Midfield
11 Elvin Aliev Elvin Aliev Midfield - Left Midfield
21 Aleksey Plyasunov Aleksey Plyasunov Midfield - Left Midfield
25 Dmitri Tikhomirov Dmitri Tikhomirov Striker
19 Aleksandr Kleshchenok Aleksandr Kleshchenok Striker
29 Mikhail Kravchuk Mikhail Kravchuk Striker - Centre-Forward
11 Aleksandr Filanovich Aleksandr Filanovich Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Aleksandr Yanchenko Aleksandr Yanchenko Striker - Centre-Forward
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