Andy Pengelly

  Home United

Andrew John Pengelly

Date of birth
19 July, 1997 (23 years)
Place of birth
Striker - Centre-Forward
Current club

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  -   Round 4 - Premier League 2020
  -   Round 2 - Premier League 2020


Singapore Premier League Singapore Premier League

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Peninsula Power   Peninsula Power Home United   Home United
2019/20 Brisbane Strikers   Brisbane Strikers Peninsula Power   Peninsula Power


1 Nazri Sabri Nazri Sabri Goalkeeper
30 Adib Nur Hakim Adib Nur Hakim Goalkeeper
22 Eko Pradana Putra Eko Pradana Putra Goalkeeper
18 Haikal Hasnol Haikal Hasnol Goalkeeper
22 Farhan Amin Farhan Amin Goalkeeper
24 Rudy Khairullah Rudy Khairullah Goalkeeper
Hassan Sunny Hassan Sunny Goalkeeper
Tajeli Salamat Tajeli Salamat Defence - Right-Back
9 Faritz Hameed Faritz Hameed Defence - Right-Back
7 Aqhari Abdullah Aqhari Abdullah Defence - Right-Back
30 Sadik Said Sadik Said Defence
8 Ismail Yunos Ismail Yunos Defence
2 Redzwan Atan Redzwan Atan Defence
Kaishu Yamazaki Kaishu Yamazaki Defence - Centre-Back
15 Faizal Roslan Faizal Roslan Defence - Centre-Back
Teck Yi Sim Teck Yi Sim Defence - Centre-Back
11 Sirina Camara Sirina Camara Defence - Centre-Back
15 Luqman Ismail Luqman Ismail Defence - Centre-Back
6 Abdil Qaiyyim Abdil Qaiyyim Defence - Centre-Back
4 Juma'at Jantan Juma'at Jantan Defence - Left-Back
22 Wai Loon Ho Wai Loon Ho Defence - Left-Back
5 Haziq Azman Haziq Azman Midfield
Shahdan Sulaiman Shahdan Sulaiman Midfield - Central Midfield
13 Izzdin Shafiq Izzdin Shafiq Midfield - Central Midfield
14 Fazli Ayob Fazli Ayob Midfield - Central Midfield
16 Hami Syahin Hami Syahin Midfield - Central Midfield
28 Muhelmy Suhaimi Muhelmy Suhaimi Midfield - Central Midfield
20 Arshad Shamim Arshad Shamim Striker - Right Wing
Gabriel Quak Gabriel Quak Striker - Right Wing
21 Taufiq Muqminin Taufiq Muqminin Striker - Right Wing
11 Hafiz Nor Hafiz Nor Striker - Left Wing
Naqiuddin Eunos Naqiuddin Eunos Striker - Left Wing
12 Iqram Rifqi Iqram Rifqi Striker - Left Wing
27 Adam Swandi Adam Swandi Striker - Left Wing
41 Shah Zulkarnean Shah Zulkarnean Striker
23 Amiruldin Asraf Amiruldin Asraf Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Ui-young Song Ui-young Song Striker - Centre-Forward
Haiqal Pashia Haiqal Pashia Striker - Centre-Forward
19 Nur Hizami Nur Hizami Striker - Centre-Forward
12 In-young Song In-young Song Striker - Centre-Forward
5 Ahmed Fahmie Ahmed Fahmie Striker - Centre-Forward
17 Shahril Ishak Shahril Ishak Striker - Centre-Forward
26 Oliver Puflett Oliver Puflett Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Andy Pengelly Andy Pengelly Striker - Centre-Forward
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