Bogdan Dubovik


Дубовик Богдан Сергеевич

Date of birth
30 July, 1992 (28 years)
Place of birth
Striker - Centre-Forward
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2020/21 Arsenal Dzershinsk   Arsenal Dzershinsk Oshmyany   Oshmyany
2018/19 Neman-Agro Stolbtsy   Neman-Agro Stolbtsy Arsenal Dzershinsk   Arsenal Dzershinsk
2017/18 Free Neman-Agro Stolbtsy   Neman-Agro Stolbtsy
2016/17 Baranovichi   Baranovichi Free
2015/16 Krugogorje Dzershinskiy Rayon   Krugogorje Dzershinskiy Rayon Baranovichi   Baranovichi
2015/16 Zvezda-BGU   Zvezda-BGU Krugogorje Dzershinskiy Rayon   Krugogorje Dzershinskiy Rayon
2012/13 FK Beryoza 2010   FK Beryoza 2010 Zvezda-BGU   Zvezda-BGU
2011/12 Partizan Minsk   Partizan Minsk FK Beryoza 2010   FK Beryoza 2010
2010/11 Partizan Minsk II   Partizan Minsk II Partizan Minsk   Partizan Minsk


25 Evgeni Dergai Evgeni Dergai Goalkeeper
Aleksey Ginko Aleksey Ginko Goalkeeper
1 Nikita Lazovskiy Nikita Lazovskiy Goalkeeper
16 Arseni Kudin Arseni Kudin Goalkeeper
1 Matvey Frantskevich Matvey Frantskevich Goalkeeper
2 Aleksey Nikulin Aleksey Nikulin Defence
Dmitri Yarsho Dmitri Yarsho Defence
18 Evgeni Prokopchik Evgeni Prokopchik Defence - Centre-Back
26 Aleksey Smirnov Aleksey Smirnov Defence - Centre-Back
8 Dmitri Velisevich Dmitri Velisevich Midfield - Defensive Midfield
12 Aleksey Malinovskiy Aleksey Malinovskiy Midfield - Right Midfield
13 Pavel Demidchik Pavel Demidchik Midfield - Right Midfield
6 Aleksey Khanevich Aleksey Khanevich Midfield
Vladislav Zavadskiy Vladislav Zavadskiy Midfield
11 Pavel Lyakhnovich Pavel Lyakhnovich Midfield
3 Vyacheslav Palaznik Vyacheslav Palaznik Midfield
Viktor Murashko Viktor Murashko Midfield
17 Ilia Razmyslovich Ilia Razmyslovich Midfield
7 Yanush Ladutko Yanush Ladutko Midfield - Central Midfield
18 Gleb Burakov Gleb Burakov Midfield - Attacking Midfield
19 Arseni Kontsedailov Arseni Kontsedailov Midfield - Attacking Midfield
16 Egor Babich Egor Babich Striker - Left Wing
9 Aleksey Skvorchevskiy Aleksey Skvorchevskiy Striker - Left Wing
10 Dmitri Kupnevski Dmitri Kupnevski Striker - Centre-Forward
15 Vladislav Davidovskiy Vladislav Davidovskiy Striker - Centre-Forward
Bogdan Dubovik Bogdan Dubovik Striker - Centre-Forward
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