Chiharu Kato

  AC Kajaani

加藤 千春

Date of birth
11 April, 1996 (25 years)
Place of birth
Defence - Left-Back
Current club

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  -   Round 12 - Ykkönen 2020
  -   Round 10 - Ykkönen 2020


Ykkönen Ykkönen

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Rochedale Rovers   Rochedale Rovers AC Kajaani   AC Kajaani
2019/20 Free Rochedale Rovers   Rochedale Rovers
2018/19 Senshu University   Senshu University Free
2014/15 High School (Japan)   High School (Japan) Senshu University   Senshu University


Severi Ikäheimo Severi Ikäheimo Goalkeeper
12 Elias Tuomarila Elias Tuomarila Goalkeeper
15 Joni Kyllönen Joni Kyllönen Defence - Right-Back
33 Pessanha Pessanha Defence - Right-Back
Juuso Kemppainen Juuso Kemppainen Defence - Right-Back
Bauraux Amiri Bauraux Amiri Defence - Centre-Back
15 Idahosa Uwadia Idahosa Uwadia Defence - Centre-Back
4 Mika-Matti Ruuskanen Mika-Matti Ruuskanen Defence - Centre-Back
Mikko Pitkänen Mikko Pitkänen Defence - Centre-Back
5 Tatu Hoffrén Tatu Hoffrén Defence - Centre-Back
Johannes Kytilä Johannes Kytilä Defence - Centre-Back
22 Jürgen Castañeda Jürgen Castañeda Defence - Left-Back
14 Chiharu Kato Chiharu Kato Defence - Left-Back
20 Ter'Ade Ichull Lordson Ter'Ade Ichull Lordson Midfield - Defensive Midfield
15 Derrick Mensah Derrick Mensah Midfield - Defensive Midfield
6 Jordi Lahnalakso Jordi Lahnalakso Midfield - Defensive Midfield
24 Leevi Koutala Leevi Koutala Midfield - Right Midfield
19 Oskari Rounaja Oskari Rounaja Midfield - Right Midfield
Emmanuel Appiah Emmanuel Appiah Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Alberto Ramírez Alberto Ramírez Midfield - Central Midfield
Reza Heidari Reza Heidari Midfield - Central Midfield
7 Matias Juntunen Matias Juntunen Midfield - Attacking Midfield
10 Diego Lima Diego Lima Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Geoffrey Acheampong Geoffrey Acheampong Midfield - Left Midfield
Mauro Severino Mauro Severino Striker - Right Wing
Erfan Zeneli Erfan Zeneli Striker - Left Wing
18 Tim Martinen Tim Martinen Striker - Left Wing
Hussein Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Striker - Left Wing
30 Thiago Trindade Thiago Trindade Striker - Secondary Striker
23 Christopher Bibaku Christopher Bibaku Striker - Centre-Forward
33 David Popa David Popa Striker - Centre-Forward
Tomi Kult Tomi Kult Striker - Centre-Forward
14 Didis Lutumba-Pitah Didis Lutumba-Pitah Striker - Centre-Forward
35 Michael Ibiyomi Michael Ibiyomi Striker - Centre-Forward
17 Timo Heikkinen Timo Heikkinen Striker - Centre-Forward
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