Costelus Lautaru


Costelus Lautaru

Date of birth
24 January, 2001 (19 years)
Place of birth
Current club
Magni   Magni

Latest Matches Played

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  -   Round 4 - Inkasso-deildin 2020
  -   Round 3 - Inkasso-deildin 2020


1. deild karla 1. deild karla

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Free Magni   Magni
2019/20 Coventry   Coventry (U18) Free


23 Hjörtur Geir Heimisson Hjörtur Geir Heimisson Goalkeeper
23 Steinar Adolf Arnthórsson Steinar Adolf Arnthórsson Goalkeeper
13 Steinthór Már Audunsson Steinthór Már Audunsson Goalkeeper
8 Arnar Geir Halldórsson Arnar Geir Halldórsson Defence - Right-Back
Örlygur Thór Helgason Örlygur Thór Helgason Defence
2 Kristján Sigurólason Kristján Sigurólason Defence
Davíd Jón Stefánsson Davíd Jón Stefánsson Defence
19 Sveinn Helgi Karlsson Sveinn Helgi Karlsson Defence
Freythór Hrafn Hardarson Freythór Hrafn Hardarson Defence - Centre-Back
Tómas Örn Arnarson Tómas Örn Arnarson Defence - Centre-Back
Davíd Rúnar Bjarnason Davíd Rúnar Bjarnason Defence - Centre-Back
26 Viktor Mar Heidarsson Viktor Mar Heidarsson Defence - Centre-Back
77 Gauti Gautason Gauti Gautason Defence - Centre-Back
Alexander Ívan Bjarnason Alexander Ívan Bjarnason Defence - Centre-Back
18 Ívar Sigurbjörnsson Ívar Sigurbjörnsson Defence - Left-Back
Hjörvar Sigurgeirsson Hjörvar Sigurgeirsson Defence - Left-Back
6 Halldór Hermann Jónsson Halldór Hermann Jónsson Midfield - Defensive Midfield
31 Louis Wardle Louis Wardle Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Ingólfur Birnir Thórarinsson Ingólfur Birnir Thórarinsson Midfield
Björn Andri Ingólfsson Björn Andri Ingólfsson Midfield
30 Agnar Darri Sverrisson Agnar Darri Sverrisson Midfield
21 Oddgeir Logi Gíslason Oddgeir Logi Gíslason Midfield
11 Patrekur Haflidi Búason Patrekur Haflidi Búason Midfield
3 Thorgeir Ingvarsson Thorgeir Ingvarsson Midfield
Róbert Logi Kristinsson Róbert Logi Kristinsson Midfield
27 Thorsteinn Ágúst Jónsson Thorsteinn Ágúst Jónsson Midfield
Númi Stefánsson Númi Stefánsson Midfield
Baldvin Rúnarsson Baldvin Rúnarsson Midfield
Atli Jens Albertsson Atli Jens Albertsson Midfield
19 Marinó Snaer Birgisson Marinó Snaer Birgisson Midfield
Birkir Már Hauksson Birkir Már Hauksson Midfield
Fannar Örn Kolbeinsson Fannar Örn Kolbeinsson Midfield
22 Dagur Már Óskarsson Dagur Már Óskarsson Midfield
5 Jakob Hafsteinsson Jakob Hafsteinsson Midfield - Central Midfield
20 Tómas Veigar Eiríksson Tómas Veigar Eiríksson Midfield - Central Midfield
Frosti Brynjólfsson Frosti Brynjólfsson Midfield - Left Midfield
7 Jordan Blinco Jordan Blinco Striker - Secondary Striker
14 Andres Vilhjálmsson Andres Vilhjálmsson Striker
9 Costelus Lautaru Costelus Lautaru Striker
17 Kristinn Thór Rósbergsson Kristinn Thór Rósbergsson Striker - Centre-Forward
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