Cristian Novoa

Monagas S.C.

Cristian Novoa Sandín

Date of birth
9 July, 1991 (29 years)
Place of birth
Striker - Centre-Forward
Current club

Latest Matches Played

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  -   Round 33 - USL Championship 2019
  -   Round 32 - USL Championship 2019
  -   Round 31 - USL Championship 2019
  -   Round 31 - USL Championship 2019
  -   Round 30 - USL Championship 2019

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Indy Eleven   Indy Eleven Monagas S.C.   Monagas S.C.
2019/20 Conquense   Conquense Indy Eleven   Indy Eleven
2018/19 The Strongest   The Strongest Conquense   Conquense
2017/18 Carabobo   Carabobo The Strongest   The Strongest
2015/16 Metropolitanos F.C.   Metropolitanos F.C. Carabobo   Carabobo
2015/16 Doxa Katokopias   Doxa Katokopias Metropolitanos F.C.   Metropolitanos F.C.
2014/15 Carabobo   Carabobo Doxa Katokopias   Doxa Katokopias
2013/14 Caracas   Caracas Carabobo   Carabobo
2012/13 Yaracuyanos   Yaracuyanos Caracas   Caracas
2011/12 Caracas   Caracas Yaracuyanos   Yaracuyanos
2011/12 Caracas FC B   Caracas FC B Caracas   Caracas


Jorge Roa Jorge Roa Goalkeeper
25 Luis Curiel Luis Curiel Goalkeeper
22 Johel Semidey Johel Semidey Goalkeeper
Gustavo Figuera Gustavo Figuera Goalkeeper
23 Samuel Barberi Samuel Barberi Defence - Right-Back
4 Roberto Carlos Chacón Roberto Carlos Chacón Defence - Right-Back
David Álvarez David Álvarez Defence - Centre-Back
5 Johan Osorio Johan Osorio Defence - Centre-Back
28 Héctor Maestre Héctor Maestre Defence - Centre-Back
2 Diego Araguainamo Diego Araguainamo Defence - Centre-Back
Igor Brondani Igor Brondani Defence - Centre-Back
3 Francisco Santillán Francisco Santillán Defence - Centre-Back
19 Óscar González Óscar González Defence - Left-Back
30 Ismael Romero Ismael Romero Defence - Left-Back
Víctor Mejía Víctor Mejía Midfield - Defensive Midfield
César González César González Midfield - Right Midfield
27 Yefri Reyes Yefri Reyes Midfield
10 Édgar Carrión Édgar Carrión Midfield
15 Luis Chiquillo Luis Chiquillo Midfield - Central Midfield
Gianluca Riep Gianluca Riep Midfield - Attacking Midfield
23 Arian Moreno Arian Moreno Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Luis Rodríguez Luis Rodríguez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
33 José Hernández Chávez José Hernández Chávez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Fredy Escalona Fredy Escalona Midfield - Attacking Midfield
8 Dimas Meza Dimas Meza Midfield - Attacking Midfield
21 Vicente Rodríguez Vicente Rodríguez Midfield - Left Midfield
27 Josué Mercado Josué Mercado Midfield - Left Midfield
Franklin González Franklin González Striker - Right Wing
Armando Rodríguez Armando Rodríguez Striker
Ángel González Ángel González Striker - Centre-Forward
18 Rubén Rojas Rubén Rojas Striker - Centre-Forward
11 Pablo Soda Pablo Soda Striker - Centre-Forward
32 Luis Aníbal Luis Aníbal Striker - Centre-Forward
Cristian Fernándes Cristian Fernándes Striker - Centre-Forward
Cristian Novoa Cristian Novoa Striker - Centre-Forward
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