Dylan Walsh

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Dylan Walsh

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First Division First Division


12 Adam Mylod Adam Mylod Goalkeeper
Michal Sadys Michal Sadys Goalkeeper
1 Paul Hunt Paul Hunt Goalkeeper
13 Gavin Ryan Gavin Ryan Goalkeeper
David Browne David Browne Goalkeeper
3 Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor Defence - Right-Back
2 Charlie Fleming Charlie Fleming Defence - Right-Back
14 Dylan Walsh Dylan Walsh Defence
27 Andrew Wall Andrew Wall Defence
Cian Kingston Cian Kingston Defence - Centre-Back
4 Ben O'Riordan Ben O'Riordan Defence - Centre-Back
5 James McSweeney James McSweeney Defence - Centre-Back
44 Adam O'Sullivan Adam O'Sullivan Defence - Centre-Back
16 Jack Lynch Jack Lynch Defence - Centre-Back
11 Ian Mylod Ian Mylod Defence - Left-Back
Eoin O'Donovan Eoin O'Donovan Defence - Left-Back
Anthony O'Donnell Anthony O'Donnell Defence - Left-Back
Kyle McNamara Kyle McNamara Defence - Left-Back
8 Shane O'Connor Shane O'Connor Defence - Left-Back
7 Ian Turner Ian Turner Midfield - Right Midfield
18 Martin Coughlan Martin Coughlan Midfield
20 Karl Caulfield Karl Caulfield Midfield - Central Midfield
22 Greg Henry Greg Henry Midfield - Central Midfield
6 David Hurley David Hurley Midfield - Central Midfield
33 Matthew Lamb Matthew Lamb Midfield - Central Midfield
23 Stephen O'Connor Stephen O'Connor Midfield - Central Midfield
30 Anthony McAlavey Anthony McAlavey Midfield - Central Midfield
Chris McCarthy Chris McCarthy Midfield - Central Midfield
Jason Abbott Jason Abbott Midfield - Central Midfield
Craig Donnellan Craig Donnellan Midfield - Central Midfield
17 Denzil Fernandes Denzil Fernandes Midfield - Attacking Midfield
11 Scott McCarthy Scott McCarthy Striker - Left Wing
Jaze Kabia Jaze Kabia Striker - Left Wing
Eoin McGreevy Eoin McGreevy Striker - Left Wing
9 Cian Leonard Cian Leonard Striker
Liam Cronin Liam Cronin Striker - Centre-Forward
12 Bryan Murphy Bryan Murphy Striker - Centre-Forward
14 Chris Hull Chris Hull Striker - Centre-Forward
Dean Swords Dean Swords Striker - Centre-Forward
Kevin Mulcahy Kevin Mulcahy Striker - Centre-Forward
Peter Callanan Peter Callanan Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Stephen Kenny Stephen Kenny Striker - Centre-Forward
Nathan West Nathan West Striker - Centre-Forward
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