Matías Cavalleri

  Curicó Unido

Matías Cavalleri Lopetegui

Date of birth
8 April, 1998 (22 years)
Place of birth
Chile   Argentina
Striker - Right Wing
Current club


Primera División Primera División
Primera División Primera División
Primera División Primera División

Transfer History

Season From To
2017/18 Newell's   Newell's (Reserve) Curicó Unido   Curicó Unido
2014/15 Universidad Católica   Universidad Católica (U19) Newell's   Newell's (Reserve)
2014/15 Newell's   Newell's (Reserve) Universidad Católica   Universidad Católica (U19)
2012/13 San Telmo   San Telmo Newell's   Newell's (Reserve)


12 Tomás Vergara Tomás Vergara Goalkeeper
Gonzalo Mall Gonzalo Mall Goalkeeper
Paulo Garcés Paulo Garcés Goalkeeper
Fabián Cerda Fabián Cerda Goalkeeper
3 Jorge Catejo Jorge Catejo Defence - Right-Back
5 Jens Buss Jens Buss Defence - Right-Back
8 Yerson Opazo Yerson Opazo Defence - Right-Back
18 Matías Ormazábal Matías Ormazábal Defence - Right-Back
Jorge Inostroza Jorge Inostroza Defence
José Rojas José Rojas Defence - Centre-Back
29 Kennet Lara Kennet Lara Defence - Centre-Back
16 Franco Bechtholdt Franco Bechtholdt Defence - Centre-Back
Rodrigo Rivera Rodrigo Rivera Defence - Centre-Back
Eduardo Quiñones Eduardo Quiñones Defence - Centre-Back
Diego García Diego García Defence - Centre-Back
2 Diego Díaz Diego Díaz Defence - Centre-Back
Héctor Urrego Héctor Urrego Defence - Centre-Back
Felipe Hernández Felipe Hernández Defence - Left-Back
Fernando Lazcano Fernando Lazcano Defence - Left-Back
Manuel Avendaño Manuel Avendaño Defence - Left-Back
32 Byron Hernández Byron Hernández Defence - Left-Back
Fernando Godoy Fernando Godoy Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Jorge Alvarez Jorge Alvarez Midfield
21 Francisco Rivera Francisco Rivera Midfield
Alejandro Blanco Alejandro Blanco Midfield
27 Carlos Suárez Carlos Suárez Midfield - Central Midfield
31 Diego Urzúa Diego Urzúa Midfield - Central Midfield
13 Carlos Herrera Carlos Herrera Midfield - Central Midfield
17 Martín Cortés Martín Cortés Midfield - Central Midfield
Pablo Corral Pablo Corral Midfield - Central Midfield
Jairo Neira Jairo Neira Midfield - Central Midfield
7 Nicolás Núñez Nicolás Núñez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
20 Gonzalo Bustamante Gonzalo Bustamante Midfield - Attacking Midfield
10 Carlos Espinosa Carlos Espinosa Midfield - Attacking Midfield
19 Sebastián Jaime Sebastián Jaime Striker - Right Wing
24 Matías Cavalleri Matías Cavalleri Striker - Right Wing
14 Héber García Héber García Striker - Left Wing
Bayron Oyarzo Bayron Oyarzo Striker - Left Wing
Pablo Parra Pablo Parra Striker - Left Wing
27 Hector Reyes Hector Reyes Striker
Claudio Alberto Cutiño Gallardo Claudio Alberto Cutiño Gallardo Striker
26 Benjamín Ortiz Benjamín Ortiz Striker - Centre-Forward
28 Gabriel Harding Gabriel Harding Striker - Centre-Forward
Federico Castro Federico Castro Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Diego Vera Diego Vera Striker - Centre-Forward
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