Glen Hollywood

  Bray Wanderers

Glen Hollywood

Date of birth
17 July, 2001 (19 years)
Place of birth
Current club


Premier League Premier League

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Bray Wanderers   Bray Wanderers (U20) Bray Wanderers   Bray Wanderers


1 Gabriel Sava Gabriel Sava Goalkeeper
1 Aaron Dillon Aaron Dillon Goalkeeper
Eric Donnelly Eric Donnelly Goalkeeper
40 Mark O'Connor Mark O'Connor Goalkeeper
Adam Hayden Adam Hayden Goalkeeper
28 Dylan O'Connor Dylan O'Connor Defence - Right-Back
2 Hugh Douglas Hugh Douglas Defence - Right-Back
8 John Sullivan John Sullivan Defence - Right-Back
31 Sean Harding Sean Harding Defence - Right-Back
12 Dylan Hayes Dylan Hayes Defence - Right-Back
29 Dean O'Shea Dean O'Shea Defence
Cian Maher Cian Maher Defence
15 Darragh Gibbons Darragh Gibbons Defence
27 Leigh Kavanagh Leigh Kavanagh Defence - Centre-Back
5 Derek Foran Derek Foran Defence - Centre-Back
25 Cian Walsh Cian Walsh Defence - Centre-Back
5 Sean Heaney Sean Heaney Defence - Centre-Back
14 Rhys Gorman Rhys Gorman Defence - Centre-Back
4 Killian Cantwell Killian Cantwell Defence - Centre-Back
19 Dylan Barnett Dylan Barnett Defence - Left-Back
Jamie Crilly Jamie Crilly Defence - Left-Back
11 Derek Daly Derek Daly Defence - Left-Back
32 Craig Walsh Craig Walsh Midfield - Right Midfield
7 Joe Doyle Joe Doyle Midfield - Right Midfield
Luka Lovic Luka Lovic Midfield
12 John Martin John Martin Midfield
21 Andy Moran Andy Moran Midfield
18 Calvin Rogers Calvin Rogers Midfield
12 Andrew McGovern Andrew McGovern Midfield
19 Troy Carey Troy Carey Midfield
27 Dragos Mamaliga Dragos Mamaliga Midfield - Central Midfield
6 Paul Keegan Paul Keegan Midfield - Central Midfield
6 Paul O'Conor Paul O'Conor Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Philip Gannon Philip Gannon Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Mark Salmon Mark Salmon Midfield - Central Midfield
10 Dylan McGlade Dylan McGlade Midfield - Attacking Midfield
21 Gary McCabe Gary McCabe Midfield - Attacking Midfield
22 Darragh Noone Darragh Noone Midfield - Attacking Midfield
24 Richard Purdy Richard Purdy Midfield - Left Midfield
22 Luke Nolan Luke Nolan Striker - Right Wing
14 Jamie Aherne Jamie Aherne Striker
16 Glen Hollywood Glen Hollywood Striker
Brandon McCann Brandon McCann Striker - Centre-Forward
23 Gareth McDonagh Gareth McDonagh Striker - Centre-Forward
11 Jake Kelly Jake Kelly Striker - Centre-Forward
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