Jakob Römo Skille

  Stjördals Blink IL

Jakob Römo Skille

Date of birth
6 February, 2001 (19 years)
Place of birth
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PostNord-ligaen Avd. 2 PostNord-ligaen Avd. 2
PostNord-ligaen Avd. 1 PostNord-ligaen Avd. 1

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Stjördals Blink IL II   Stjördals Blink IL II Stjördals Blink IL   Stjördals Blink IL


1 Daniel Hagen Daniel Hagen Goalkeeper
12 Nicklas Frenderup Nicklas Frenderup Goalkeeper
Johannes Stokke Johannes Stokke Goalkeeper
1 Jörgen Vordal Jörgen Vordal Goalkeeper
Patrik Hjelmseth Patrik Hjelmseth Defence - Right-Back
Petter Holltrö Petter Holltrö Defence
19 Oumar Sherif Oumar Sherif Defence
25 Markus Balstad Husby Markus Balstad Husby Defence
2 Lars Ramstad Lars Ramstad Defence
7 Knut Kare Aftret Bröndbo Knut Kare Aftret Bröndbo Defence
19 Markus Hermo Markus Hermo Defence
Havard Fuglem Havard Fuglem Defence
3 Vebjörn Vinje Vebjörn Vinje Defence - Centre-Back
15 Vegard Fiske Vegard Fiske Defence - Centre-Back
20 Jakob Tromsdal Jakob Tromsdal Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Fredrik Vinje Fredrik Vinje Midfield
22 Ole Kristian Rödahl Ole Kristian Rödahl Midfield
17 Jörgen Kjösnes Valleraunet Jörgen Kjösnes Valleraunet Midfield
Tom-Rune Hönnas Tom-Rune Hönnas Midfield
14 Karl Martin Rolstad Karl Martin Rolstad Midfield
18 Marius Augdal Marius Augdal Midfield
7 Jörgen Sollihaug Jörgen Sollihaug Midfield
8 Sander Erik Kartum Sander Erik Kartum Midfield
6 Thobias Kvam Navelsaker Thobias Kvam Navelsaker Midfield
5 Anders Nygaard Anders Nygaard Midfield - Central Midfield
10 Sondre Sörlökk Sondre Sörlökk Midfield - Central Midfield
Simen Raaen Sandmael Simen Raaen Sandmael Midfield - Central Midfield
11 Sivert Solli Sivert Solli Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Andreas Lykke Strand Andreas Lykke Strand Midfield - Left Midfield
Joachim Olufsen Joachim Olufsen Striker - Left Wing
Alexander Nynes Alexander Nynes Striker
30 Jakob Römo Skille Jakob Römo Skille Striker
20 Börge Tronsmo Sonfla Börge Tronsmo Sonfla Striker
10 Nedzad Sisic Nedzad Sisic Striker
Robin Björnholm-Jatta Robin Björnholm-Jatta Striker - Centre-Forward
Lasse Bransdal Lasse Bransdal Striker - Centre-Forward
Mats Lillebo Mats Lillebo Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Sondre Stokke Sondre Stokke Striker - Centre-Forward
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