Jasiel Sinche

  Sport Boys

Jasiel Jasu Sinche Meza

Date of birth
28 January, 2000 (21 years)
Place of birth
Striker - Right Wing
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Sport Boys Callao II   Sport Boys Callao II Sport Boys   Sport Boys


12 Giacomo Gambetta Giacomo Gambetta Goalkeeper
1 Jonathan Medina Jonathan Medina Goalkeeper
67 Fernando Martinuzzi Fernando Martinuzzi Goalkeeper
3 Manuel Tejada Manuel Tejada Defence - Right-Back
33 Paolo de la Haza Paolo de la Haza Defence - Right-Back
22 Jhon Mondragón Jhon Mondragón Defence - Centre-Back
14 Martín Chang Martín Chang Defence - Centre-Back
25 Gianfranco Espinoza Gianfranco Espinoza Defence - Centre-Back
4 Carlos Ambriz Carlos Ambriz Defence - Centre-Back
6 Adán Balbín Adán Balbín Defence - Centre-Back
Adrián Zela Adrián Zela Defence - Centre-Back
4 Erick Rossi Erick Rossi Defence - Centre-Back
5 Boris Alzamora Boris Alzamora Defence - Centre-Back
Hansell Riojas Hansell Riojas Defence - Centre-Back
31 Ezequiel Michelli Ezequiel Michelli Defence - Centre-Back
16 Pedro García Pedro García Defence - Left-Back
17 Joseph Muñoz Joseph Muñoz Defence - Left-Back
2 Samuel Pinedo Samuel Pinedo Defence - Left-Back
João Ortiz João Ortiz Defence - Left-Back
35 Eduardo Uribe Eduardo Uribe Midfield - Defensive Midfield
23 Luis Magallanes Luis Magallanes Midfield - Defensive Midfield
14 Claudio Torrejón Claudio Torrejón Midfield - Defensive Midfield
35 Gustavo Torres Gustavo Torres Midfield - Defensive Midfield
17 Vincchenzo Ballón Vincchenzo Ballón Midfield - Defensive Midfield
17 Jean Tragodara Jean Tragodara Midfield - Defensive Midfield
21 Carlos Ísmodes Carlos Ísmodes Midfield
19 Irwing Acuña Irwing Acuña Midfield
Jefferson Diaz Jefferson Diaz Midfield
Luis Cáceres Luis Cáceres Midfield - Central Midfield
10 Jesús Chávez Jesús Chávez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
28 Diego Bustamante Diego Bustamante Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Luis Ramírez Luis Ramírez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
8 Fredy Oncoy Fredy Oncoy Midfield - Attacking Midfield
60 Jasiel Sinche Jasiel Sinche Striker - Right Wing
19 Matías Sproat Matías Sproat Striker - Right Wing
7 Piero Ratto Piero Ratto Striker - Right Wing
28 Francis Ortíz Francis Ortíz Striker - Right Wing
27 Jhon Mosquera Jhon Mosquera Striker - Right Wing
Claudio Villagra Claudio Villagra Striker - Left Wing
11 Josuee Herrera Josuee Herrera Striker - Left Wing
24 Walter Vásquez Walter Vásquez Striker - Left Wing
13 Randall Núñez Randall Núñez Striker
30 Guillermo Tomasevich Guillermo Tomasevich Striker - Centre-Forward
Ignacio Huguenet Ignacio Huguenet Striker - Centre-Forward
23 Nicolás Strobach Nicolás Strobach Striker - Centre-Forward
29 Juan Diego González-Vigil Juan Diego González-Vigil Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Luis Peralta Luis Peralta Striker - Centre-Forward
19 Sebastián Penco Sebastián Penco Striker - Centre-Forward
23 Leonardo Ruíz Leonardo Ruíz Striker - Centre-Forward
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