Ju-hyeong Lee

  Cheonan City


Date of birth
25 July, 1992 (28 years)
Place of birth
Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Current club

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  -   Fourth Round - Korean FA Cup 2019
  -   Third Round - Korean FA Cup 2019


Korea National League Korea National League
Korean FA Cup Korean FA Cup
Korean FA Cup Korean FA Cup
Korean FA Cup Korean FA Cup

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Gyeongju Citizen   Gyeongju Citizen Cheonan City   Cheonan City
2016/17 Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dolphin   Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dolphin Gyeongju Citizen   Gyeongju Citizen
2014/15 Woosuk University   Woosuk University Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dolphin   Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dolphin


18 Jin-uh Kim Jin-uh Kim Goalkeeper
In-seok Kim In-seok Kim Goalkeeper
12 Ahn-seong Choi Ahn-seong Choi Goalkeeper
28 Jae-hyeong Park Jae-hyeong Park Goalkeeper
1 Dae-heui Jang Dae-heui Jang Goalkeeper
13 Young-joon Han Young-joon Han Goalkeeper
14 Kyo-jin Keum Kyo-jin Keum Defence - Right-Back
29 Seung-hyeon Hong Seung-hyeon Hong Defence - Right-Back
Seon-ju Park Seon-ju Park Defence - Right-Back
6 Hun-ki Min Hun-ki Min Defence - Right-Back
26 Dong-hwi Sim Dong-hwi Sim Defence
12 Hyeon-ho Shin Hyeon-ho Shin Defence
13 Hwan-jun Yong Hwan-jun Yong Defence
Ji-seong Han Ji-seong Han Defence
4 Ki-hun Yang Ki-hun Yang Defence - Centre-Back
2 Jeong-jin Lee Jeong-jin Lee Defence - Centre-Back
21 Hyeon-chang Lee Hyeon-chang Lee Defence - Centre-Back
2 Jae-hun Ahn Jae-hun Ahn Defence - Centre-Back
Yeong-jin Ahn Yeong-jin Ahn Defence - Centre-Back
15 Yong-jun Lee Yong-jun Lee Defence - Centre-Back
3 Jong-min Park Jong-min Park Defence - Centre-Back
5 Tae-hwan Park Tae-hwan Park Defence - Centre-Back
Chang-hun Kim Chang-hun Kim Defence - Left-Back
10 Ji-hun Bae Ji-hun Bae Defence - Left-Back
26 Han-bok Song Han-bok Song Midfield - Defensive Midfield
28 Seong-jae Lee Seong-jae Lee Midfield - Defensive Midfield
77 Jin-su Choi Jin-su Choi Midfield - Right Midfield
9 Cha-won Ko Cha-won Ko Midfield - Right Midfield
18 Hyeong-su Lee Hyeong-su Lee Midfield
13 Jun-hyeok Oh Jun-hyeok Oh Midfield
16 Seung-il Baek Seung-il Baek Midfield
5 Hyo-min Kim Hyo-min Kim Midfield
44 Jun-gi Lee Jun-gi Lee Midfield
27 Sang-hyeon Na Sang-hyeon Na Midfield
3 Joon-ha Jeong Joon-ha Jeong Midfield
29 Se-hun Kim Se-hun Kim Midfield
16 Yeong-jun Oh Yeong-jun Oh Midfield
Seong-chan No Seong-chan No Midfield
Ho-yeon Yu Ho-yeon Yu Midfield
Tae-gon Hong Tae-gon Hong Midfield - Central Midfield
Seung-ho Choi Seung-ho Choi Midfield - Central Midfield
25 Tae-su Seol Tae-su Seol Midfield - Central Midfield
19 Ju-hyeong Lee Ju-hyeong Lee Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Jerry van Wolfgang Jerry van Wolfgang Midfield - Left Midfield
20 Dae-hun Park Dae-hun Park Striker - Right Wing
7 Hyeong-ik Jo Hyeong-ik Jo Striker - Right Wing
22 Dae-kyo Jeong Dae-kyo Jeong Striker - Left Wing
Jeong-hun Kang Jeong-hun Kang Striker - Secondary Striker
22 Seul-beom Mun Seul-beom Mun Striker
17 Seok Go Seok Go Striker
14 Dong-hyeon Lee Dong-hyeon Lee Striker - Centre-Forward
Shin-cheol Kim Shin-cheol Kim Striker - Centre-Forward
21 Jae-min Shim Jae-min Shim Striker - Centre-Forward
27 Heung-il Kim Heung-il Kim Striker - Centre-Forward
Ju-yeong Jo Ju-yeong Jo Striker - Centre-Forward
27 Jun-ho Heo Jun-ho Heo Striker - Centre-Forward
32 Won Hwang Won Hwang Striker - Centre-Forward
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