Jun-han Jin

  Pyeongtaek Citizen FC


Date of birth
26 May, 2000 (21 years)
Place of birth
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Janghoon High School   Janghoon High School Pyeongtaek Citizen FC   Pyeongtaek Citizen FC
2015/16 Jeonbuk   Jeonbuk (Youth) Janghoon High School   Janghoon High School
2013/14 Suwon   Suwon (Youth) Jeonbuk   Jeonbuk (Youth)


40 Ro-man Kim Ro-man Kim Goalkeeper
21 Ha-seung Bang Ha-seung Bang Goalkeeper
15 Hyeon-hak Jeong Hyeon-hak Jeong Defence - Right-Back
2 Lo-mon Yoo Lo-mon Yoo Defence - Right-Back
19 Jun-seok Choi Jun-seok Choi Defence
34 Seung-yun Hyeon Seung-yun Hyeon Defence
3 Jae-hyeon Kim Jae-hyeon Kim Defence
12 In-bo Jeon In-bo Jeon Defence
Chang-hun Kim Chang-hun Kim Defence - Centre-Back
20 Jae-won Choi Jae-won Choi Defence - Centre-Back
5 Il-joo Ahn Il-joo Ahn Midfield - Defensive Midfield
22 Se-hyeon Bae Se-hyeon Bae Midfield - Defensive Midfield
13 Nam-kyu Kim Nam-kyu Kim Midfield
44 Jun-han Jin Jun-han Jin Midfield
20 Kwan-woo Park Kwan-woo Park Midfield
16 Gun-meen Lee Gun-meen Lee Midfield
9 Hong Kim Hong Kim Midfield
27 Joon-won Lee Joon-won Lee Midfield
24 Min-jae Kang Min-jae Kang Midfield
23 Jong-min Lee Jong-min Lee Midfield
21 Min-goo Ko Min-goo Ko Midfield - Central Midfield
32 Dong-yong Ahn Dong-yong Ahn Midfield - Central Midfield
4 Abdoulie Gomez Abdoulie Gomez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
8 In-kwon Jeong In-kwon Jeong Midfield - Attacking Midfield
70 In-kyeom Hwang In-kyeom Hwang Midfield - Left Midfield
90 Chang-oh Hong Chang-oh Hong Midfield - Left Midfield
19 Seong-hyeon Jang Seong-hyeon Jang Striker - Left Wing
14 Byeong-jun Yoon Byeong-jun Yoon Striker - Left Wing
18 Jin-wook Jung Jin-wook Jung Striker
11 Jae-deok Han Jae-deok Han Striker
26 Hirotomo Kawazu Hirotomo Kawazu Striker
32 Yul Kim Yul Kim Striker
30 Moon-su Kim Moon-su Kim Striker
Moo-gil Baek Moo-gil Baek Striker
42 Hobart Hobart Striker
7 Jung-hyun Seo Jung-hyun Seo Striker - Centre-Forward
Matheus Matheus Striker - Centre-Forward
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