Jun-heui Ko



Date of birth
28 February, 2000 (20 years)
Place of birth
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Boin High School   Boin High School Daejeon   Daejeon


25 Yong-hwi Mun Yong-hwi Mun Goalkeeper
53 Young-Min Ahn Young-Min Ahn Goalkeeper
Dong-jun Kim Dong-jun Kim Goalkeeper
32 Sang-hyuk Han Sang-hyuk Han Goalkeeper
23 Jin-yeong Kim Jin-yeong Kim Goalkeeper
31 Tae-yang Kim Tae-yang Kim Goalkeeper
1 Ju-won Park Ju-won Park Goalkeeper
31 Ho-dong Han Ho-dong Han Goalkeeper
Keun-bae Kim Keun-bae Kim Goalkeeper
26 Ji-hun Kim Ji-hun Kim Defence - Right-Back
28 Jae-jeong Hwang Jae-jeong Hwang Defence - Right-Back
77 Jong-hwan Baek Jong-hwan Baek Defence - Right-Back
3 Jae-hun Hwang Jae-hun Hwang Defence - Right-Back
Chang-hyeon Kim Chang-hyeon Kim Defence - Right-Back
Chang-hyeon Oh Chang-hyeon Oh Defence - Right-Back
Cheol-in Cho Cheol-in Cho Defence - Right-Back
Kyu-ro Lee Kyu-ro Lee Defence - Right-Back
Seul-chan Lee Seul-chan Lee Defence - Right-Back
Young-chul Heo Young-chul Heo Defence - Right-Back
43 Gang-Jin Lee Gang-Jin Lee Defence
37 Seon-ho Kim Seon-ho Kim Defence
2 Won-deuk Cho Won-deuk Cho Defence
55 Jun-soo Byeon Jun-soo Byeon Defence
16 Jun-heui Ko Jun-heui Ko Defence
44 Ji-sol Lee Ji-sol Lee Defence - Centre-Back
Yoon-jae Kim Yoon-jae Kim Defence - Centre-Back
17 Ju-yeong Jang Ju-yeong Jang Defence - Centre-Back
30 In-kyu Lee In-kyu Lee Defence - Centre-Back
Jae-min Kwak Jae-min Kwak Defence - Centre-Back
34 Do-yeon Hwang Do-yeon Hwang Defence - Centre-Back
Ung-heui Lee Ung-heui Lee Defence - Centre-Back
5 Kyeong-bo Yun Kyeong-bo Yun Defence - Centre-Back
24 Jae-won Hwang Jae-won Hwang Defence - Centre-Back
2 Ye-seong Kim Ye-seong Kim Defence - Left-Back
Young-jae Seo Young-jae Seo Defence - Left-Back
90 Ju-seong Park Ju-seong Park Defence - Left-Back
Heui-seong Park Heui-seong Park Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Ho Lee Ho Lee Midfield - Defensive Midfield
20 Sang-hyeon Ahn Sang-hyeon Ahn Midfield - Defensive Midfield
14 Seong-han Yun Seong-han Yun Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Connor Chapman Connor Chapman Midfield - Defensive Midfield
42 Jeong-mun Lee Jeong-mun Lee Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Seung-hoon Seo Seung-hoon Seo Midfield
Yong-seok Kong Yong-seok Kong Midfield
Jae-sung Jung Jae-sung Jung Midfield
38 Han-bit Kang Han-bit Kang Midfield - Central Midfield
Bon-sang Ku Bon-sang Ku Midfield - Central Midfield
13 Hak-yeong Shin Hak-yeong Shin Midfield - Central Midfield
Jin-seob Park Jin-seob Park Midfield - Central Midfield
39 Ho-bin Lee Ho-bin Lee Midfield - Central Midfield
50 Jun-ho Lee Jun-ho Lee Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Seung-won Yun Seung-won Yun Midfield - Attacking Midfield
40 Dong-min An Dong-min An Midfield - Attacking Midfield
19 Se-yun Kim Se-yun Kim Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Edinho Edinho Midfield - Attacking Midfield
34 Myeong-su Park Myeong-su Park Midfield - Left Midfield
33 Won-il Yoon Won-il Yoon Midfield - Left Midfield
André Luis André Luis Striker - Right Wing
Jae-hyeon Choi Jae-hyeon Choi Striker - Right Wing
81 Tae-ha Kong Tae-ha Kong Striker - Right Wing
Heui-ung Jeong Heui-ung Jeong Striker - Left Wing
2 Jong-hyeon Lee Jong-hyeon Lee Striker - Left Wing
30 Ye-chan Park Ye-chan Park Striker - Left Wing
11 Seung-seob Kim Seung-seob Kim Striker - Left Wing
77 Uh-min Seo Uh-min Seo Striker - Left Wing
Yeon-soo Kim Yeon-soo Kim Striker
53 Jun-sik Im Jun-sik Im Striker
26 Seong-ju Kim Seong-ju Kim Striker
In-sik Lee In-sik Lee Striker
7 Matheus Pato Matheus Pato Striker - Centre-Forward
Jae-cheol Jo Jae-cheol Jo Striker - Centre-Forward
Yong-ji Park Yong-ji Park Striker - Centre-Forward
99 Ju-hyeong Ahn Ju-hyeong Ahn Striker - Centre-Forward
Bruno Baio Bruno Baio Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Ramazotti Ramazotti Striker - Centre-Forward
9 In-hyeok Park In-hyeok Park Striker - Centre-Forward
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