Michael Halliday

  Orlando City B

Michael Halliday

Date of birth
22 January, 2003 (18 years)
Place of birth
Orlando, Florida
Defence - Right-Back
Current club

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  -   Round 6 - USL League One 2020
  -   Round 5 - USL League One 2020


USL League One USL League One

Transfer History

Season From To
2020/21 Orlando City   Orlando City Orlando City B   Orlando City B
2020/21 Orlando City Academy   Orlando City Academy Orlando City   Orlando City
2020/21 Orlando City B   Orlando City B Orlando City Academy   Orlando City Academy
2019/20 Orlando City Academy   Orlando City Academy Orlando City B   Orlando City B


41 Javier Otero Javier Otero Goalkeeper
23 Luca Mancuso Luca Mancuso Goalkeeper
26 Michael Halliday Michael Halliday Defence - Right-Back
13 Jordan Hill Jordan Hill Defence - Right-Back
15 Tanner Hummel Tanner Hummel Defence - Right-Back
2 Leonardo Simas Leonardo Simas Defence - Right-Back
Owen Guske Owen Guske Defence
Thomas Williams Thomas Williams Defence - Centre-Back
72 Nick O'Callaghan Nick O'Callaghan Defence - Centre-Back
14 Randy Mendoza Randy Mendoza Defence - Left-Back
64 Jonathan Rosales Jonathan Rosales Defence - Left-Back
18 Austin Amer Austin Amer Midfield - Defensive Midfield
56 Teddy Ndje Teddy Ndje Midfield
Ignacio Cubeddu Ignacio Cubeddu Midfield
24 Lewis Neal Lewis Neal Midfield - Central Midfield
10 Rafael Santos Rafael Santos Midfield - Attacking Midfield
8 Koby Osei-Wusu Koby Osei-Wusu Midfield - Attacking Midfield
62 Wilfredo Rivera Wilfredo Rivera Midfield - Left Midfield
Kenji Tanaka De Paula Kenji Tanaka De Paula Striker - Right Wing
20 Steven Hernandez Steven Hernandez Striker - Left Wing
24 Moises Tablante Moises Tablante Striker - Left Wing
48 Fablo Dos Santos Oliveira Fablo Dos Santos Oliveira Striker
Sebastian Joffre Sebastian Joffre Striker - Centre-Forward
49 Aleksandar Gluvačević Aleksandar Gluvačević Striker - Centre-Forward
25 Luc Granitur Luc Granitur Striker - Centre-Forward
53 Julian Kennedy Julian Kennedy Striker - Centre-Forward
45 Ben Polk Ben Polk Striker - Centre-Forward
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