Mix Diskerud

Helsingborgs IF

Mikkel Morgenstar Pålssønn Diskerud

Date of birth
2 October, 1990 (29 years)
Place of birth
USA   Norway
Midfield - Central Midfield
Current club

Latest Matches Played

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  -   Round 33 - K League 1 2019
  -   Round 30 - K League 1 2019
  -   Round 32 - K League 1 2019
  -   Round 31 - K League 1 2019
  -   Round 29 - K League 1 2019

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Manchester City   Manchester City (U23) Helsingborgs IF   Helsingborgs IF
2019/20 Ulsan   Ulsan Manchester City   Manchester City (U23)
2018/19 Manchester City   Manchester City (U23) Ulsan   Ulsan
2018/19 IFK Göteborg   IFK Göteborg Manchester City   Manchester City (U23)
2017/18 Manchester City   Manchester City (U23) IFK Göteborg   IFK Göteborg
2017/18 New York City   New York City Manchester City   Manchester City (U23)
2017/18 IFK Göteborg   IFK Göteborg New York City   New York City
2016/17 New York City   New York City IFK Göteborg   IFK Göteborg
2014/15 Rosenborg   Rosenborg New York City   New York City
2012/13 Stabaek IF   Stabaek IF Rosenborg   Rosenborg
2011/12 KAA Gent   KAA Gent Stabaek IF   Stabaek IF
2011/12 Stabaek IF   Stabaek IF KAA Gent   KAA Gent
2008/09 Stabaek IF   Stabaek IF (U19) Stabaek IF   Stabaek IF


25 Kalle Joelsson Kalle Joelsson Goalkeeper
18 Alexander Nilsson Alexander Nilsson Goalkeeper
39 Daniel Andersson Daniel Andersson Goalkeeper
1 Anders Lindegaard Anders Lindegaard Goalkeeper
6 Andreas Landgren Andreas Landgren Defence - Right-Back
7 Anders Randrup Anders Randrup Defence - Right-Back
4 Andreas Granqvist Andreas Granqvist Defence - Centre-Back
Erik Figueroa Erik Figueroa Defence - Left-Back
Martin Olsson Martin Olsson Defence - Left-Back
11 Adam Eriksson Adam Eriksson Defence - Left-Back
37 Armin Gigovic Armin Gigovic Midfield - Defensive Midfield
14 Mohammed Abubakari Mohammed Abubakari Midfield - Defensive Midfield
15 Mattias Almeida Sundell Mattias Almeida Sundell Midfield - Right Midfield
Brandur Olsen Brandur Olsen Midfield - Central Midfield
Mix Diskerud Mix Diskerud Midfield - Central Midfield
26 Kundai Benyu Kundai Benyu Midfield - Central Midfield
33 Ibrahim Bancé Ibrahim Bancé Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Joseph Ceesay Joseph Ceesay Midfield - Left Midfield
15 Max Svensson Max Svensson Midfield - Left Midfield
Alex Timossi Andersson Alex Timossi Andersson Striker - Right Wing
16 Tashreeq Matthews Tashreeq Matthews Striker - Right Wing
9 Alhaji Gero Alhaji Gero Striker - Centre-Forward
16 Mikael Dahlberg Mikael Dahlberg Striker - Centre-Forward
Rasmus Jönsson Rasmus Jönsson Striker - Centre-Forward
20 Wanderson Wanderson Striker - Centre-Forward
Anthony van den Hurk Anthony van den Hurk Striker - Centre-Forward
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