Pongsakorn Takum

  Rayong FC

Pongsakorn Takum

Date of birth
20 August, 1992 (28 years)
Place of birth
Current club

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  -   Round 2 - Toyota Thai League 2020
  -   Round 1 - Toyota Thai League 2020
  -   Second Round - Chang FA Cup 2018


Thai FA Cup Thai FA Cup

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 JL Chiangmai United   JL Chiangmai United Rayong FC   Rayong FC


18 Noppakun Kadtoon Noppakun Kadtoon Goalkeeper
36 Tanachai Noorach Tanachai Noorach Goalkeeper
Todsaporn Sri-reung Todsaporn Sri-reung Goalkeeper
44 Pongpanot Naknayom Pongpanot Naknayom Goalkeeper
5 Wasusiwakit Phusirit Wasusiwakit Phusirit Defence - Right-Back
35 Rachanon Kanyathong Rachanon Kanyathong Defence - Right-Back
2 Suriya Kanha Suriya Kanha Defence
39 Wichat Thanee Wichat Thanee Defence
18 Sanpong Thongman Sanpong Thongman Defence
26 Surchat Khunu Surchat Khunu Defence
Narakorn Kuranun Narakorn Kuranun Defence
23 Pongsakorn Takum Pongsakorn Takum Defence
Jattuphon Sittilea Jattuphon Sittilea Defence
Anek Phukkasee Anek Phukkasee Defence
Adisorn Saphso Adisorn Saphso Defence
4 Watcharin Nuengprakaew Watcharin Nuengprakaew Defence - Centre-Back
17 Yuwarat Damsungnoen Yuwarat Damsungnoen Defence - Centre-Back
95 Theerachai Thampian Theerachai Thampian Defence - Centre-Back
6 Trakoolchat Thongbai Trakoolchat Thongbai Defence - Centre-Back
6 Nirun Chaokhao Nirun Chaokhao Defence - Centre-Back
3 Yordrak Namuangrak Yordrak Namuangrak Defence - Left-Back
20 Tae-hyeong Park Tae-hyeong Park Defence - Left-Back
11 Nantawat Suankaew Nantawat Suankaew Midfield - Right Midfield
Prathan Senala Prathan Senala Midfield
12 Jakkapong Pooljuang Jakkapong Pooljuang Midfield
Chanthachone Thinolath Chanthachone Thinolath Midfield
16 Uthen Samanthai Uthen Samanthai Midfield
26 Panupong Sa-nguannam Panupong Sa-nguannam Midfield
13 Theppitak Poonjuang Theppitak Poonjuang Midfield
19 Anuchit Ngrnbukkol Anuchit Ngrnbukkol Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Alongkon Chonnathong Alongkon Chonnathong Midfield - Attacking Midfield
21 Harrison Harrison Midfield - Attacking Midfield
15 Todsawee Deeprasert Todsawee Deeprasert Midfield - Attacking Midfield
9 Ryo Matsumura Ryo Matsumura Midfield - Attacking Midfield
30 Kirati Kaewnongdang Kirati Kaewnongdang Midfield - Left Midfield
33 Anukorn Sangrum Anukorn Sangrum Midfield - Left Midfield
Leandro Resida Leandro Resida Striker - Right Wing
12 Andre Araujo Andre Araujo Striker
14 Sirisak Fufung Sirisak Fufung Striker
10 Krissana Nontharak Krissana Nontharak Striker
20 Wittawin Atthapratyamuang Wittawin Atthapratyamuang Striker
Bireme Diouf Bireme Diouf Striker - Centre-Forward
21 Suriyakarn Chimjeen Suriyakarn Chimjeen Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Thongchai Rathchai Thongchai Rathchai Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Paul Ekollo Paul Ekollo Striker - Centre-Forward
13 Piyawat Thongman Piyawat Thongman Striker - Centre-Forward
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