Seong-rok Jang



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2019/20 Kyunghee High School   Kyunghee High School Jeonnam   Jeonnam


21 Ho-seung Lee Ho-seung Lee Goalkeeper
1 Jun-hyeok Park Jun-hyeok Park Goalkeeper
27 Yoo-sung Han Yoo-sung Han Goalkeeper
21 Chan-sik Oh Chan-sik Oh Goalkeeper
31 Ji-hoon Shin Ji-hoon Shin Goalkeeper
29 Byung-yeop Kim Byung-yeop Kim Goalkeeper
36 Min-hyeok Im Min-hyeok Im Goalkeeper
11 Yu-hyeon Lee Yu-hyeon Lee Defence - Right-Back
38 Jae-won Heo Jae-won Heo Defence - Centre-Back
37 Jin-ha Shin Jin-ha Shin Defence - Centre-Back
15 Jin-seong Kim Jin-seong Kim Defence - Centre-Back
40 Jun-ki Choi Jun-ki Choi Defence - Centre-Back
Chan-yong Park Chan-yong Park Defence - Centre-Back
20 Kwang-seon Kwak Kwang-seon Kwak Defence - Centre-Back
66 Jun-su Kim Jun-su Kim Defence - Centre-Back
17 Ji-nam Lee Ji-nam Lee Defence - Centre-Back
12 Chan-uh Shin Chan-uh Shin Defence - Left-Back
Oleg Zoteev Oleg Zoteev Defence - Left-Back
2 Hyo-jin Choi Hyo-jin Choi Defence - Left-Back
6 Hu-kwon Lee Hu-kwon Lee Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Ki-uk Hwang Ki-uk Hwang Midfield - Defensive Midfield
Jeong-hun Choi Jeong-hun Choi Midfield - Right Midfield
55 Seong-rok Jang Seong-rok Jang Midfield
Ho-jin Jeong Ho-jin Jeong Midfield - Central Midfield
19 Ik-jin Choi Ik-jin Choi Midfield - Central Midfield
29 Chang-uh Han Chang-uh Han Midfield - Central Midfield
44 Hyo-chan Kim Hyo-chan Kim Midfield - Central Midfield
Hyeon-ug Kim Hyeon-ug Kim Midfield - Attacking Midfield
14 Jae-hong Ahn Jae-hong Ahn Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Rodolfo Rodolfo Midfield - Attacking Midfield
19 Yong-jun Heo Yong-jun Heo Midfield - Left Midfield
12 Hyeon-kyo Oh Hyeon-kyo Oh Striker - Right Wing
Chang-kyun Im Chang-kyun Im Striker - Right Wing
23 Jeong-ho Chu Jeong-ho Chu Striker - Right Wing
18 Bo-yong Kim Bo-yong Kim Striker - Left Wing
98 Hernandes Hernandes Striker - Left Wing
28 Yun-hyeong Jo Yun-hyeong Jo Striker - Left Wing
Chan-ul Im Chan-ul Im Striker - Left Wing
Han-gil Kim Han-gil Kim Striker - Left Wing
30 Dong-min Yun Dong-min Yun Striker - Secondary Striker
Seung-un Ha Seung-un Ha Striker - Centre-Forward
10 Wanderson Wanderson Striker - Centre-Forward
Jong-ho Lee Jong-ho Lee Striker - Centre-Forward
38 Tae-kyun Ha Tae-kyun Ha Striker - Centre-Forward
Julian Kristoffersen Julian Kristoffersen Striker - Centre-Forward
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