Sonexay Phanthilath

  Lao Toyota

Sonexay Phanthilath

Date of birth
1 March, 1996 (25 years)
Place of birth
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Evo United   Evo United Lao Toyota   Lao Toyota


32 Sonexay Phanthilath Sonexay Phanthilath Goalkeeper
30 Outthilath Nammakhoth Outthilath Nammakhoth Goalkeeper
Xaynakhone Dalasean Xaynakhone Dalasean Goalkeeper
13 Soukthavy Soundala Soukthavy Soundala Goalkeeper
33 Chitana Souksavath Chitana Souksavath Goalkeeper
1 Vathana Keodouangdeth Vathana Keodouangdeth Goalkeeper
1 Sengphachan Bounthisanh Sengphachan Bounthisanh Goalkeeper
7 Saison Khounsamnan Saison Khounsamnan Defence - Right-Back
16 Moukda Souksavath Moukda Souksavath Defence
Piyaphong Pathammavong Piyaphong Pathammavong Defence
Sonesavanh Vannaxay Sonesavanh Vannaxay Defence
4 Bounthavy Sipasong Bounthavy Sipasong Defence
3 Takahiro Saito Takahiro Saito Defence
15 Thipphachanth Inthavong Thipphachanth Inthavong Defence - Centre-Back
23 Ketsada Souksavath Ketsada Souksavath Defence - Centre-Back
2 Saynakhonevieng Phommapanya Saynakhonevieng Phommapanya Defence - Centre-Back
8 Keoviengpheth Lithideth Keoviengpheth Lithideth Defence - Left-Back
35 Manolom Phetphakdy Manolom Phetphakdy Midfield - Defensive Midfield
22 Victor Amaro Victor Amaro Midfield - Defensive Midfield
9 Somsavath Sophabmixay Somsavath Sophabmixay Midfield - Right Midfield
Latthasay Lounlasy Latthasay Lounlasy Midfield
Lektoxa Thongsavath Lektoxa Thongsavath Midfield
2 Bounphithak Chanthalangsy Bounphithak Chanthalangsy Midfield
Anan Inthapanya Anan Inthapanya Midfield
20 Paseuthsack Souliyavong Paseuthsack Souliyavong Midfield
14 Konekham Inthammavong Konekham Inthammavong Midfield - Central Midfield
8 Phoutdavy Phommasane Phoutdavy Phommasane Midfield - Central Midfield
11 Soma Otani Soma Otani Midfield - Attacking Midfield
25 Sopha Saysana Sopha Saysana Midfield - Attacking Midfield
7 Phatthana Syvilay Phatthana Syvilay Midfield - Left Midfield
10 Rafinha Rafinha Midfield - Left Midfield
17 Manolom Phomsouvanh Manolom Phomsouvanh Striker - Left Wing
Sitthideth Khanthavong Sitthideth Khanthavong Striker
6 Sayfa Aphideth Sayfa Aphideth Striker
Laércio Laércio Striker - Centre-Forward
18 Kazuo Homma Kazuo Homma Striker - Centre-Forward
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