Tanin Kiatlerttham

  Bangkok Glass

ธนินท์ เกียรติเลิศธรรม

Date of birth
23 August, 2000 (20 years)
Place of birth
Defence - Right-Back
Current club

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  -   Round of 16 - Chang FA Cup 2018


Thai FA Cup Thai FA Cup

Transfer History

Season From To
2018/19 Rangsit   Rangsit Bangkok Glass   Bangkok Glass


21 Rattanachat Niamthaisong Rattanachat Niamthaisong Goalkeeper
25 Fahas Bilanglod Fahas Bilanglod Goalkeeper
30 Chalermkeat Pootoya Chalermkeat Pootoya Goalkeeper
1 Chatchai Budprom Chatchai Budprom Goalkeeper
91 Tanin Kiatlerttham Tanin Kiatlerttham Defence - Right-Back
Santipharp Chan-ngom Santipharp Chan-ngom Defence - Right-Back
43 Chaiyapruek Chirachin Chaiyapruek Chirachin Defence
26 Mehtanon Sudsean Mehtanon Sudsean Defence - Centre-Back
26 Itthiphon Khamplio Itthiphon Khamplio Defence - Centre-Back
71 Eakkalak Lungnam Eakkalak Lungnam Defence - Centre-Back
16 Irfan Fandi Irfan Fandi Defence - Centre-Back
Victor Cardozo Victor Cardozo Defence - Centre-Back
Andres Tunez Andres Tunez Defence - Centre-Back
21 Tossaphol Chomchon Tossaphol Chomchon Defence - Centre-Back
3 Chalermsak Aukkee Chalermsak Aukkee Defence - Left-Back
11 Saharat Pongsuwan Saharat Pongsuwan Defence - Left-Back
18 Tassanapong Muaddarak Tassanapong Muaddarak Midfield - Defensive Midfield
24 Siwakorn Sangwong Siwakorn Sangwong Midfield - Right Midfield
40 Jakkapong Polmart Jakkapong Polmart Midfield
39 Chanutr Phisitsak Chanutr Phisitsak Midfield
78 Charlie Smuthkochorn Charlie Smuthkochorn Midfield
Sarach Yooyen Sarach Yooyen Midfield - Central Midfield
4 Chaowat Veerachat Chaowat Veerachat Midfield - Central Midfield
Peerapong Pichitchotirat Peerapong Pichitchotirat Midfield - Central Midfield
20 Toti Toti Midfield - Attacking Midfield
2 Saharat Posri Saharat Posri Midfield - Attacking Midfield
7 Seiya Kojima Seiya Kojima Midfield - Attacking Midfield
27 Chakkit Laptrakul Chakkit Laptrakul Midfield - Left Midfield
9 Surachat Sareepim Surachat Sareepim Striker - Right Wing
80 Thammayut Rakbun Thammayut Rakbun Striker - Right Wing
Norshahrul Idlan Norshahrul Idlan Striker - Secondary Striker
36 Samroeng Hanchiaw Samroeng Hanchiaw Striker - Centre-Forward
37 Tardeli Reis Tardeli Reis Striker - Centre-Forward
29 Chatree Chimtalay Chatree Chimtalay Striker - Centre-Forward
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