Ulrich Meleke

Kokkolan Pallo-Veikot

Ulrich Meleke

Date of birth
24 May, 1999 (21 years)
Place of birth
Defence - Centre-Back
Current club

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  -   Round 10 - Ykkönen 2020
  -   Round 9 - Ykkönen 2020
  -   Group Stage - Suomen Cup 2020
  -   Group Stage - Suomen Cup 2020


Ykkönen Ykkönen
Liga Leumit Liga Leumit
Gavia haMedina Gavia haMedina
Ligat ha'Al Ligat ha'Al

Transfer History

Season From To
2019/20 Ekenäs IF   Ekenäs IF Kokkolan Pallo-Veikot   Kokkolan Pallo-Veikot
2018/19 Bnei Lod   Bnei Lod Ekenäs IF   Ekenäs IF
2018/19 Ekenäs IF   Ekenäs IF Bnei Lod   Bnei Lod
2018/19 Hapoel Tel Aviv   Hapoel Tel Aviv Ekenäs IF   Ekenäs IF
2018/19 Ekenäs IF   Ekenäs IF Hapoel Tel Aviv   Hapoel Tel Aviv
2017/18 SO Armée   SO Armée Ekenäs IF   Ekenäs IF


36 Janne Henriksson Janne Henriksson Goalkeeper
67 Oliver Lakanen Oliver Lakanen Goalkeeper
Sergey Lazarev Sergey Lazarev Goalkeeper
22 Teppo Marttinen Teppo Marttinen Goalkeeper
Miika Töyräs Miika Töyräs Goalkeeper
21 Timo Rauhala Timo Rauhala Defence - Right-Back
Samu Laitinen Samu Laitinen Defence - Right-Back
Kyle Curinga Kyle Curinga Defence - Right-Back
Jarkko Hurme Jarkko Hurme Defence - Right-Back
33 El-Hadji Gana Kane El-Hadji Gana Kane Defence - Centre-Back
15 Henri Myntti Henri Myntti Defence - Centre-Back
Tommi Saarinen Tommi Saarinen Defence - Centre-Back
Charalampos Chantzopoulos Charalampos Chantzopoulos Defence - Centre-Back
Ulrich Meleke Ulrich Meleke Defence - Centre-Back
17 Noa Lehtonen Noa Lehtonen Defence - Centre-Back
5 Ville Koskimaa Ville Koskimaa Defence - Centre-Back
7 Juri Kinnunen Juri Kinnunen Defence - Left-Back
Armend Kabashi Armend Kabashi Midfield - Defensive Midfield
20 Ville Luokkala Ville Luokkala Midfield - Defensive Midfield
2 Matthew Mendy Matthew Mendy Midfield - Defensive Midfield
23 Dmitri Dekhteryuk Dmitri Dekhteryuk Midfield - Right Midfield
16 Adam Vidjeskog Adam Vidjeskog Midfield - Central Midfield
Abu Sanunu Abu Sanunu Midfield - Central Midfield
10 Hendrik Helmke Hendrik Helmke Midfield - Central Midfield
23 Patrick Poutiainen Patrick Poutiainen Midfield - Central Midfield
4 Yankuba Ceesay Yankuba Ceesay Midfield - Central Midfield
20 Harri Heiermann Harri Heiermann Midfield - Central Midfield
Aleksi Pahkasalo Aleksi Pahkasalo Midfield - Attacking Midfield
11 Brayan Bermúdez Brayan Bermúdez Midfield - Attacking Midfield
15 Santeri Mäkinen Santeri Mäkinen Midfield - Attacking Midfield
8 Sebastian Mannström Sebastian Mannström Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Aleksi Tarvonen Aleksi Tarvonen Striker - Right Wing
30 Pietro Kytölaakso Pietro Kytölaakso Striker - Right Wing
18 Washilly Tshibasu Washilly Tshibasu Striker - Left Wing
5 Dawda Bah Dawda Bah Striker - Left Wing
Akseli Ollila Akseli Ollila Striker - Left Wing
77 Ishmael Yartey Ishmael Yartey Striker - Left Wing
11 Kim Palosaari Kim Palosaari Striker - Centre-Forward
Elias Ahde Elias Ahde Striker - Centre-Forward
17 Sasa Savic Sasa Savic Striker - Centre-Forward
9 Simo Roiha Simo Roiha Striker - Centre-Forward
19 Filip Ivanovski Filip Ivanovski Striker - Centre-Forward
70 Yessy Mena Yessy Mena Striker - Centre-Forward
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