Uros Brankovic

Red Star

Урош Бранковић

Date of birth
13 February, 2003 (18 years)
Place of birth
Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Current club

Transfer History

Season From To
2020/21 Red Star   Red Star (U17) Red Star   Red Star (U19)
2019/20 FK Kiker Kraljevo U17   FK Kiker Kraljevo U17 Red Star   Red Star (U17)


1 Luka Savic Luka Savic Goalkeeper
Viveiros Viveiros Defence - Right-Back
Stefan Mitrovic Stefan Mitrovic Defence - Right-Back
Nemanja Canic Nemanja Canic Defence
Andrej Ivanovic Andrej Ivanovic Defence
Marko Danicic Marko Danicic Defence
Mladen Kovacevic Mladen Kovacevic Defence
Nikola Savic Nikola Savic Defence - Centre-Back
Mirko Milikic Mirko Milikic Defence - Centre-Back
Aleksandar Lukic Aleksandar Lukic Defence - Centre-Back
David Pisar David Pisar Defence - Centre-Back
Djordje Jovicic Djordje Jovicic Defence - Centre-Back
Uros Blagojevic Uros Blagojevic Defence - Left-Back
3 Bogdan Citic Bogdan Citic Defence - Left-Back
Aleksandar Ilic Aleksandar Ilic Midfield
Andrija Rajovic Andrija Rajovic Midfield - Central Midfield
Vukan Kovac Vukan Kovac Midfield - Central Midfield
Martin Novakovic Martin Novakovic Midfield - Central Midfield
Vladimir Lucic Vladimir Lucic Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Uros Brankovic Uros Brankovic Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Ivan Tejic Ivan Tejic Striker - Right Wing
11 Andrija Radulovic Andrija Radulovic Striker - Right Wing
Marko Dedijer Marko Dedijer Striker - Left Wing
Uros Sejic Uros Sejic Striker
Sava Avramovski Sava Avramovski Striker
Uros Milovanovic Uros Milovanovic Striker - Centre-Forward
Borisav Burmaz Borisav Burmaz Striker - Centre-Forward
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